Top 10 Swedish Songs of All Time

Sweden's tremendous contribution to modern music is remarkable by any standard, and certainly all the more so considering the size of its population relative to other countries. Here's a selection of ten of the best songs released by the talented Scandinavians over the years.

Top 10 Songs About George Bush Oct18

Top 10 Songs About George Bush

Love him or hate him, few people were left unaffected by the presidency of George W. Bush. Here's a selection of the top 10 songs written about one of the most controversial leaders of our time.

Top 10 of Political / Conscious Rap Apr30

Top 10 of Political / Conscious Rap

My choice for the 10 best political / conscious rap songs.

Top 10 of International Hip Hop

A taste of some of the best hip hop from around the world, including South Africa, Denmark, Brazil, Taiwan, Japan, Iran, Germany and more.

Top 10 of Modern Turkish Music

Featuring some of the best music to come out of Turkey in recent years, including rock, electronica / industrial, rap, traditional Turkish and Sufi songs, and more.